Episode 10: 3 Things to Consider if You're Unhappy in Your NonAcademic Job

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A lot of PhDs worry that they won't be happy in a nonacademic job. The truth is, that sometimes happens.
Sometimes, PhDs are unhappy because they feel enormous sense of shame and loss. It takes time to rebuild your identity after you "failed" at a academic job (you didn't, it's math, not you). Other times, we simply end up in an organization that's a misalignment for our values and interests. Occasionally, PhDs sometimes make an informed career decision about what to try next and realize... nope, that's not the career for me.
If you're worried you won't be happy, or are in a job where you're not thriving, here are 3 things you can do to help you find a space where you will thrive.
Other resources mentioned in this episode:
- Career assessment (learn what stage you are at in your job search & 3 next steps to take now)
- 8th Annual Online Career Conference
- Beyond the Professoriate free programming

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