Iteration 71: The In-Person Impact

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Last week, I took the train into DC to visit the National Gallery of Art, which is by far one of my favorite places in the city. Regardless of the show or exhibition, I always come home energized and inspired. Sometimes, I’ll even go down just to sit in the “Rothko Room” for an hour — and I know the official name is Tower 1 of the East Building, but I think Rothko Room sounds much more poetic. On this particular trip, I was there to see The Double, a show that a friend who works at the gallery called “life changing” — which is saying something considering she’s one of the top paper conservators in the world and has seen some pretty incredible work over the course of her career. The show really is fantastic and features work by some of my favorite artists, including Frank Stella and Robert Rauschenberg; and it begins with a pair of American flags by Jasper Johns displayed opposite Double America by Glenn Ligon.
National Gallery of Art
Rothko Room
The Double
Double America
Rothko: The Color Field Paintings
Episode 59 of Deep Natter
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