Intercepted Imperial Transmissions: S3:E47

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In today's episode,

A little ditty 'bout John & Amber Two American kids slinging acusations in the courtroom John, he's gonna try to salvage his career Amber's gonna drop a deuce next to his ear.

Hello There! Kenobi's in da house! Welcome to the "Little Leia and Ben Show"

The Adjudicator remnds everyone that "DC Sucks" an ITT soundbyte!

The Librarian points our the myrid of problems that Disney has created in the fabric of Star Wars space/time.

Reva, the All-Powerful, All-Knowing...soon to find herself on the receiving end of Vader's razor-sharp wit...and lightsaber.

And, a possible Clone Wars cameo!

So, hail down Teeka the jawa, buy your last flask of Juri juice and enjoy!

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