Pelvic nerve pain in women with osteopath Dr.Liz Howard D.O

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Pelvic pain is an incredibly broad topic and something we encounter daily in practice. Today we are focusing on pelvic pain in females, particularly nerve or neuropathic pain.

The time we spend with our patients, and the trusting relationship we build, allows us to ask the questions needed to identify the early signs and symptoms. Persistent pelvic nerve pain can be debilitating and have an adverse impact on a woman’s daily life and activity. As osteopaths, we can play a role in preventing this by flagging women at risk, knowing the appropriate questions to ask in our history, and what referral options are available.

Today’s guest is osteopath and educator Dr. Liz Howard. Liz is part of the team at the Women’s Health and Research Institute of Australia. Liz is a passionate osteopath that has dedicated her career to looking after women, educating patients and practitioners and furthering our knowledge into women’s health through research.

Liz discusses:

  • Common signs, symptoms and causes of pelvic nerve pain.
  • Why early diagnosis and management is important.
  • What women are at risk for developing pelvic nerve pain.
  • Risk factors for persistent pain.
  • The role an osteopath can play: manual therapy, education, inter-disciplinary team, referral.
  • Pharmacologic interventions.
  • Diagnostic procedures and when to refer.
  • Facilitating education and self management.

Bower Bird CPD

Liz’s started Bower Bird CPD in 2018. They aim to provide an evolving range of relevant and evidence based CPD courses. Please see their website for further details and courses.

The Women’s Health and Research Institute of Australia

The Neuro Orthopaedic Institute (NOI) Australasia

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