Integrating breath work into osteopathic practice with Dr. Rosalba Courtney

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Today on Insight osteopathy we have the pleasure of hearing from Dr Rosalba Courtney. Rosalba has been driven by curiosity. Early in her career she wanted to discover why some patients weren’t responding to treatment. Searching for that missing link launched her career into the world breathing therapy. To answer her own questions, Rosalba undertook a PhD on the topic of breathing, and has published works in text books and scientific literature. Through her research and clinical experience, Rosalba has developed her own assessment and therapy protocols. She is passionate about sharing the healing potential of breathing with her patients and other health professionals. With 35 years experience as an osteopath, Rosalba’s clinical knowledge is an invaluable resource for us.

On today’s episode Rosalba discusses;

Her career journey as an osteopath, naturopath, Chinese medicine practitioner and breathing therapist

How she discovered breathing as a missing link in some patient’s healing journey

Development of dysfunctional breathing (DB) model and assessment tools through a pHD

How Rosalba considers and integrates the respiratory circulatory model of osteopathy

What is DB and how it effects our healing capacity?

What are the primary and secondary functions of breathing?

Why does one develop DB?

The Impact of DB on pain and core strength

Signs that DB could be playing a fundamental role

Assessment of breathing function

Dysfunctional diaphragm: assessment, repercussions and manual therapy

Dysfunctional breathing and asthma

Some simple breathing interventions

Breathing considerations with the paediatric patient

The launch of her integrative breathing therapy course

Please see Rosalba’s website for some great resources and further information on her training programs.

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