A discussion on scoliosis, non-surgical management and osteopathic considerations with Dr. Azharuddin Fazalbhoy

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Diagnosed or suspected scoliosis is something we frequently encounter as osteopaths. It is important we are able to recognise a developing curvature in an adolescent/paediatric patient and know when are where to refer to help prevent curve progression and the need for surgical intervention.

In this podcast, osteopath, ScoliCare practitioner, Discipline leader of RMIT Osteopathy, Dr. Azharuddin Fazalbhoy and I explore the diagnosis, non-surgical treatment and management of scoliosis.

You’ll discover:

  • How do we classify a scoliotic curve?
  • What red flags do we look for in adolescent/paediatric patients?
  • What is the age range of maximal progression and indications for a high risk of progression?
  • What imagine should we refer for if we suspect scoliosis?
  • Bracing and SEAS therapy interventions for non-surgical management of scoliosis.
  • Osteopathic considerations when managing a patient with scoliosis; pain, exercise prescription, contra-indications and goals of manual therapy?
  • Can we symmetry in osteopathic diagnosis?
  • What are some biopsychosocial considerations?
  • Where and when do we refer?

If you would like information on the services offered at ScoliCare, would like to refer a patient or find their locations in Australia, please see their website


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