A career in paediatric osteopathy with Dr. Marnie Norfolk

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Dr. Marnie Norfolk is a leading Australian osteopath and educator, with post-graduate training in paediatric manual therapy and a busy Melbourne practice. Today she shares her journey into osteopathy, and based on her years of clinical experience, has some great advice for practitioners working with paediatric patients.

In this episode, Marnie Norfolk and I explore working in the field of paediatric osteopathy, and discuss;

  • How Marnie developed an interest in paediatrics, the importance of mentors, observations, co-treatment and further education.
  • References and suggestions for further education in the paediatric field.
  • Creating a family-friendly and safe clinic environment.
  • Building networks, relationships and referrals.
  • Some tips on how to manage language/communication barriers when taking a case history.
  • The importance of your clinical examination in cases of limited patient communication.
  • How to approach a challenging conversation with parents.
  • Describing osteopathic treatment approaches to patients/parents.
  • Predicting and describing post-treatment reactions in babies.
  • Marnie discusses a challenging case presentation.

Thank you Marnie for sharing your expertise with the osteopathic community. Marnie has recently opened her new clinic Your Body Osteopathy in Macleod, Melbourne.


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