Ultra Endurance: Real Life Nutrition Tips - Ep. #36

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Bob and Dina chat about some real life sports nutrition tips and strategies that ultra endurance athletes need to know and do in their training, competition, or simply to make for a better overall “ultra experience”.

We chat:

· What is “ultra”?

· What does intensity have to do with fueling considerations?

· The benefits of planning and note taking in fine-tuning your nutrition plan for event or race day

· How to think about a fueling and hydration plan, carbs, and fueling sources

· The impact of the course, terrain, and duration of the event upon fueling and hydration

· Choosing and training your crew and support team wisely

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We’re getting ready for our next Q&A episode! Email your questions (including those related to ultra events) to hello@insidesportsnutrition.com. And don’t forget you can learn about the nutrition coaching and testing services we offer: Bob Seebohar at www.enrgperformance.comand Dina Griffin at www.nutritionmechanic.com

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