22.34 A Special Visit with Randy and Evangeline Jackson (Part 4)

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In this the final of four episodes from Craig and LaDonna's visit with their dear friends, Randy and Evangeline Jackson, Randy continues to unpackage his convictions about the priorities of the believer as it pertains to old culture and traditions. Drawing from Paul's letter to the Philippians, in chapter 3 he shares that all the things that amounted to his own identity and significance before coming to Christ was wrapped up in his culture, traditions, tribal identity, and rabid devotion to the religion and spirituality of his own people. But now, he says, all that has changed. His new identity and significance is wrapped up in the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ...These are important truths that we have also presented in our recent Indigenous Faith training conference on August 10-13 where the Jacksons helped us in the conference by leading us in meaningful worship and special music. It was a wonderful conference and many who attended left with greater clarity on biblical truth pertaining to Christ, culture, and Indigenous worship. We are now beginning the process of editing and producing these video recorded sessions that will later become available and accessible on our tribalrescue.com website. Of course, we will continue to use this podcast platform to build precept upon precept of biblical truth as well. We thank you for joining us in these weekly visits in the Word of God, designed to build a biblically healthy Indigenous Faith!

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