22.33 A Special Visit with Randy and Evangeline Jackson (Part 3)

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Craig and LaDonna and Randy and Evangeline Jackson continue their fascinating visit in this, the third episode of their interview done to help promote the Indigenous Faith training conference recently held in northern Minnesota. In today's episode, Craig reminds us all that our pain and suffering has a Divine purpose and is used by God to help others who are facing similar challenges and struggles. As he said, God not only gives us credibility through our pain and suffering, He gives us 'crudibility' , because of the crud He gives us victory over when we face those kinds of things! Also, the couples begin to transition to discussions on the issues of culture, contextualization, and syncretism, which were the key themes of last week's conference. Randy does a marvelous job of taking us to the Word of God to show us, as believers in Christ, where our identity and significance must now be placed. Not in our past, pre-Christ culture and upbringing, but in Christ and Christ alone! Truly a heart match message that is shared by Craig and LaDonna, and is key to their teaching on this very podcast! We trust you'll enjoy the continuation of the visit with Randy and Evangeline Jackson on this week's edition of Indigenous Faith!

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