Episode 41: The Super Game Initiative

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Sega are rumoured to revive two dormant IP; Crazy Taxi & Jet Set Radio as part of its "Super Game Initiative" but do we care?

This episode of In PS We Trust: A PlayStation Podcast see's Davey, Phil & Spence dig through the rumours and countless news items to deliver the bits that matter to you. We cover:

-Video Games as Movies; We aren't in the 90s anymore, do we need them?

-With fresh stock of the PS5 incoming we put together a PS5 buyers guide; the best games to begin your journey

-Dead Island 2 is rumoured to be back from the dead; but is it too late?

-PlayStation rumoured to be buying FromSoft; why this isn't a good idea

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What we've been drinking:0:00

What we've been playing: 04:39

Quick news: 28:08

Rumour has it: 45:37

PS5 Buyers Guide: 01:15:49

Games vs Movies: 01:30:19

Sign off: 01:46:37

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