Episode 28: Enter the Danger Zone

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This episode we cover: -Sony is rumoured to be spending a fortune on more studio acquisitions -Splinter Cell is making a comeback!? -The Uncharted Movie Trailer has finally dropped, what are our thoughts and how would we cast it -A new State of Play is happening 27/10 what do we expect to be there and does it even need to happen Find this and much more on episode 28 of In PS We Trust To vote on the 1st episode of "Spoilercast From The Past" https://strawpoll.vote/polls/n2rxi1f4/vote If you're enjoying the podcast don’t forget to review it on your podcast service of choice, it helps us find a larger audience To watch the show on YouTube: https://youtu.be/Mjgof2NBZu0 To write into the show email: pswetrust@gmail.com Join us on reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/inpswetrust/ Find us on social media: @InPSWeTrust @ssjdavey @philiphoy @spenpai_ Timestamps: What have we been playing: 7.08 Quick news: 40.25 Rumor has it(Sony Growth Mode): 46.26 Rumor 2 (Splinter Cell): 55.40 Topics (Danger zone): 1.04.48 Topic 2 (Uncharted Movie): 1.19.11 Topic 3 (State Of Play): 1.37.50 #ForTheListeners #InPSWeTrust #PlayStationPodcast

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