Episode 109 – Get Dead! ("The Midnight Hour")

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Kevin & Chris celebrate Hall-o-Week with the made-for-TV spooktacular The Midnight Hour (1985). The 'mos talk a cursed town, dancing zombies & MTV influences, a monster-mash Halloween Party, a stacked '80s cast, a bodacious soundtrack (Creedence Clearwater Revival! The Smiths! Three Dog Night!), and more. Bonus topics include JLC's big Halloween snubs + a whirlwind of thoughts on Terrifier 2, Chucky, the Casper franchise, The Conjuring 4, and Sister Act 3: Halloween Habits. Happy Halloween, listeners! Check your candy and watch out for Kit Culkin!

P.S. Watch The Midnight Hour for free on YouTube here: https://youtu.be/bMMCG--ex_8

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