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Episode 12 - Integrated Trust Systems (ITS) has appointed attorney Ciara E. Lister, Esq. as Chief Counsel from her former Network Attorney position since December 2019. Prior to her initial ITS Network Attorney work and subsequent appointment as ITS Chief Counsel, Ciara specialized in commercial insurance litigation and personal injury law. She also earlier served as an operations director for a biomedical company based in southwest Florida, which provided her with valuable hands-on experience in the corporate world. A University of Florida alumni, Ciara eventually earned her Juris Doctorate from the prestigious Ave Maria School of Law in Naples, Florida. From law school, she thereafter became licensed to practice in Florida and then in the State of Nevada. As a Nevada Bar member, Ciara can provide full implementation and legal support for clients from anywhere who choose to opt for the "pro-trust" Nevada jurisdiction when establishing their estate plans on the ITS/MLCP processing platforms. Ciara remarked that she is "excited to hold a position that allows her to work with an innovative financial and legal advisory network to help bring virtual, and affordable, estate planning to the masses.” She is "confident in the capabilities of the ITS team to assist financial service providers, in this age of digital transformation, who wish to help their clients not only meet but even exceed personal estate-planning goals and expectations." If you would like to contact and speak with Ciara directly, you may arrange for a specific time on her digital scheduler at:

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