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Episode 10 - Frederick LeVasseur, J.D. graduated from Columbia Law School in New York in 2004 and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Rutgers University in New Jersey where he graduated with High Honors in 2001.

LeVasseur worked in private legal practice in the New York-New Jersey metro region for over a decade, specializing in complex civil litigation involving antitrust, insurance, business-to-business transactions, employment, real estate, and trust and estates law. Levasseur’s experience in the legal field sharpened his communication skills, honed his attention to detail, and elevated his resolve to achieve the best possible outcome for each of his clients. The skills and experiential knowledge acquired in law practice empowered LeVasseur’s successful transition to the field of Wealth Management, Asset Protection, and Estate Planning.

LeVasseur’s foray into financial services originated with his prior work at New York Life Insurance Company and another nationally regarded Independent Insurance Marketing Organization known as Family First Life where he obtained substantial experiential knowledge in wealth maximization and asset protection using insurance and an array of other financial asset classes. Mr. Levasseur continues to maintain affiliations with several financial service organizations as an insurance producer and wealth advisor in South Florida and beyond. He is also an affiliate member of the National Association of African American Financial Advisors. These professional relationships equip Mr. Levasseur with inexhaustible resources to provide top-notch services and solutions for every client.

Mr. Levasseur is a first-generation Haitian American. He is a native of New Jersey but currently resides with his family in South Florida. His passion for generational wealth and client satisfaction serves as the central tenets of his wealth management practice.

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