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Haunted UK Podcasts Ko-Fi page: https://ko-fi.com/hauntedukpodcast

This is Steve from the Haunted UK Podcast with a huge request to all you amazing listeners out there. The podcast has gone from strength to strength since the first episode dropped in May 2021.
I couldn't have envisaged back then that it would have been liked, followed, and as popular as it is now when I first started just 9 months ago. And that's all down to each and every single one of you amazing listeners out there, but I want to try and take it further if I can.
I've recently set up a Ko-Fi account for the podcast, and I'm hoping that many of you out there will help support the show by going to ko-fi and making a donation which is literally the price of a coffee.
You can either make a one off donation or sign up for a monthly donation. It's super easy to do and it's only £3.00 per month.....that's it....the equivalent of just a penny per day. For that £3.00 per month, you'll continue to get the main podcast episode every two weeks, but on top of that you'll get the following:
A shout out on the show when you donate
A Free Haunted UK Podcast sticker
A bonus bite-size episode every month
A horror or paranormal movie review every month - voted for by the listeners
Opportunities to win Haunted UK Podcast merchandise, supplied by CDS Print and Design
Chances to put forward ideas for future episodes.
And every now and then I'll include a batch of outtakes from when recording doesn't quite go to plan
All you need to do is to get over ko-fi using Google or whichever search engine you prefer, and type in ko-fi, that's K O hyphen F I, and when you're on the website click explore and search for Haunted UK Podcast and choose to buy me a monthly ko-fi.
My immediate target is to get to 30 monthly donators. Once I hit this target I can begin to produce the additional content and start to distribute it to everyone who's been kind enough to buy the show a ko-fi.
All donations will help drive the show towards it's various goals.....the main one, being to research, write, record, mix, master and distribute the show for a living.
I really hope you can help support the podcast, and take the show to the next level. Thank you so much for listening, and thank you in advance for choosing to buy the Haunted UK Podcast a Ko-Fi.
Stay safe, take care, and we'll be back with another episode very soon.

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