Episode 17 - Werewolves In The UK

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As I knelt down to peer into the bushes, I was met with a pair of yellow eyes, with black pupils. I've never seen anything like those eyes in my life, and I never want to see them again. As I backed away, a low growling noise came from the bushes. I fell over my BMX, then quickly picked it up and began pedalling like mad........part of a witness statement of the sighting of a wolf like creature.
This is episode 17 of the Haunted UK Podcast, and in this episode, we're going on the trail of one of the most intriguing and frightening creatures of all.....The Werewolf.
The legend of the werewolf stretches back hundreds of years, covering dozens and dozens of countries. Stories tell of human beings infected by a cursed bloodline that reveals itself in the horrific culmination of being forced to transform into a wolf like creature at the appearance of the full moon. The creature then goes on a violent rampage, needing to feed it's animal instincts.
Join us on the Haunted UK Podcast as we look into some truly terrifying encounters with mysterious creatures which resemble the legendary Werewolf......Beware The Moon.....
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Have you seen a ghost, witnessed poltergeist activity, had a strange, unexplained paranormal experience? Have you ever stayed in a haunted location, or experienced something frightening on a ghost tour. Ever better, do you live or work in a haunted house or building? Have you encountered or seen a UFO, heard a story about an unsolved disappearance or mystery, or have you been lucky enough to witness a strange, unknown creature? If you have, then your story could feature on Season 2's listener stories finale episode.
Simply type your story up and email it to hauntedukpodcast@hotmail.com, that's hauntedukpodcast@hotmail.com. It's easy to do, and if you like, you can remain anonymous. Huge thanks in advance to you all.
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This Podcast was recorded at Pink Flamingo Music Productions Studio in Halesowen in the West Midlands, England.
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