Episode #359: Virginia Carnesale, Stage, CEO

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Virginia Carnesale is the founder of Shop Stage. Her story of surviving breast cancer is incredibly inspirational for others going through what she did, and was the push needed for starting Shop Stage. Her inspiration was based on her experiences as a patient, and her life long background in retail.

While the company is only about five months old as of this podcast (Sept 2022), she and her team are doing incredible work helping other women take the guess work out of their cancer treatments, have non-profit partnerships with three organizations, and have 60 brands on their platform.

"You really do need community to support you to get through this. And it's not just friends, family and loved ones--of course, they're hugely critical--but if you don't have anybody in your inner circle that's been through this before, it's hard for them to know how to relate or how to support you."

"There really is no substitution for connecting with other survivors. I was so fortunate to get connected with other women who had gone through this before to impart helpful tips and advice on what to expect each step of the journey," she states.

Virginia discusses her business model, plans for future growth, how people can get involved, and more. It is perhaps not a coincidence that one of her favorite quotes is from Tony Robbins, "Every problem is a gift, and without problems, we won't grow."

Listen now to learn more and definitely spread the word about this fantastic company!

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