Travel video podcasting #2- The multi part show- On Location- Barbados

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Jason Slezak Hosts Barbados Surf Travel Show.

Check out the show release file here: Videocast #3


For show #3 we finally step it up a little bit with the production and format of the show. In this episode, our host Jason Slezak speaks to us about moving into the Silver Sands Resort, surfing the beach break there and then appears in a few different locations showing Barbados surf before interviewing and bringing in Professional Kiteboarders Andre Phillip and Sam Bell.

Here are some show notes:
Finally, out of the ghetto and into a nice place at the Silver Sands Resort. In this episode, Jason has now been introduced as the host and was able to work with me to put together a few ‘spots’ where he would introduce a section and then we would cut away to the action. Ironically, as it was pretty much he and I putting it together, he would cut away to himself at those other locations and lead into the section.

In watching this again just now, we did a pretty good job for the limited resources we had to work with. As I mentioned in the lower posts, the nice tripod was left at home, so all of this was shot guerilla style handheld and with ‘whatever tech’ which is, use whatever you can find, in the best way possible, to get the best shot possible in any given situation.

As with the 2nd show from Barbados, I was there to do photowork and Jason and the boys were there to kiteboard and do other things, which is what we spent most of the time doing. These podcast shows were done in between and in our free time, between other favorable sports conditions and responsibilities. I was lucky that the guys saw the vision enough with the technology and possibilities that they were willing to give some time and make it happen.

If I didn’t tell you this you’d probably not even notice, but all I brought with me was a Sennheizer G2 Evolution wireless lav system for audio. As it was I was constantly fighting to get decent sound. In order to have more of a hand mic and an omni that could pick up all 3 guys speaking, I had to get creative. I didn’t want Jason just holding a transmitter and wired lav, but I wanted to get the mic as close as possible. Don’t know how I came up with it, but ended up implanting the transmitter and mic into the hard, dry outer shell of a coconut. You will see, now that you know, that Jason is holding the coconut in most of his shots and that the coconut is in the middle of the table when they are all sitting around. It worked out much better than I would have thought.

The greatest thing this show does is show the potential for what can be done, in many ways, with creating video podcasts and what can be done with limited resources. This show was made with a crew of 1 and the help of a couple riders. 1 HDV Camera, wide angle lens, P.L. filter, handheld, no tripod, 1 Wireless Lav mic, couple of tapes. Edited on a borrowed laptop G4. $0 budget or support beyond our own pockets and time. Unfortunately, without any support or backing and with the Barbados trip finished, so were the travel style podcasts. I was back in the Gorge and didn’t have content to create for this show. ASNews has since put some video’s down the feed, but hasn’t since made a ‘show’ out of it. I put up the video camera for a bit and was working in my commercial and sports photography as tekkophoto.

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