Episode 24 - Temporary Tentacles and the Animatronic Pizza Band

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Bradley is back! Voicemail use and robocalls are discussed. Jesus-y insurance pitch. Jenn's back on the radio!
Bradley's viewing and listening habits were trash when he was young. We're gonna fix that now.
Still looking for Onlyfans input. Guys, it's like, $5/mo. We can get really dumb and entertain you, or really weird and get paid by other people. What sells? The 'cast needs financing!
Stranger Things "spoilers".
Doppelgangers. Who's yours?
Jenn hears Hentai and is....confused. That's the word.
More info on Daria Restoration. Email Viacom and fight for the OG runs!
Jenn has a unit-corn. The whole time I thought all unicorns were androgynous.

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