Anna Meredith on Bumps Per Minute, British Podcast Awards, Generational Differences in Publishing

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This summer Somerset House in London will be home to a new work by composer Anna Meredith, Bumps Per Minute, which has a distinctly fairground feel. It uses the random interactions of dodgem cars to create a new piece of music. And members of the public are invited to take part in the composition as dodgem drivers. Anna Meredith talks about what inspired her to create a work which mixes fun, frivolity and musical experimentation. The British Podcast Awards have been created to highlight the best podcasts of the year in the UK. Laura Grimshaw, presenter of Podcast Radio Hour on Radio 4 Extra, takes a look at a selection of this year’s 29 winners – from 1600 entries - which includes two new categories; best documentary and best lockdown podcast. We continue our exploration of debates within the publishing industry. Tonight we consider different generational attitudes around ideas of censorship, the moral role of publishing houses and the responsibilities of individual employees when it comes to which works get published. In rows over authors from Mike Pence to Woody Allen many younger publishers have signalled reluctance to work on books they deem hateful and literary agent Clare Alexander described what she saw as a “watershed moment" at a recently parliamentary hearing about freedom of expression. We talk to Tanu Shelar, Chair of the Society of Young Publishers and Caroline Wintersgill, Programme Director of University College London’s MA in publishing. Presenter: Samira Ahmed Producer: Oliver Jones

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