The All New PS Plus… Is It Worth Your Dollarydoos? | For The Players – The PopC PlayStation Podcast Ep254

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TIME STAMPS 0:00 Manscaped Ad 0:37 Intro music 0:56 Intro 2:10 The difference sleep can make 2:52 Should Ryan by a halfpipe? 4:17 How have we been? 12:38 What have we been playing? 22:35 Manscaped ad read 26:53 Inform The Players (This week in PlayStation news) 27:26 The All New Revamped PS Plus has launched in Australia 45:24 Sony to be announcing new PlayStation and gaming focussed connected hardware 49:54 God of War Ragnarok rumours 53:46 More Final Fantasy XVI news 55:20 QUICKBITS - Sucker Punch hiring, PlayStation not at Gamescom, Tom Hendersen talks Skate 4, Tony Hawk 3+4 was happening, Skull and Bones has been re-classified, The Last of Us Part 1 doubles in size, Star Ocean live event, and Devs stand against US government decision 1:00:52 Upcoming PlayStation releases 1:02:29 Thank you for joining us 1:03:25 Outro 1:05:07 Outro music

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With over 40 years combined PlayStation gaming and over 8 years in games coverage, Ryan and Max felt that they would be perfect to throw their hats in the ring and join the greater PlayStation discussion. This weekly show will allow us to discuss the ins and outs of Sony’s hardware, software, and relationships.

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