Moon Archive 34: Fate/stay night [UBW Days 6-9]

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Unlimited Blade Works continues with an unsteady team up between Team Rin and Team Shirou, an assassination attempt leading into an assassination attempt, another pass at Rider’s Blood Fort, and Saber’s most embarrassing L yet!

Next time we’ll be doing days 10-13 of Unlimited Blade Works! It’s gonna be a doozy!

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Section Timestamps:

yuri teatime - 2:56

2/5 - 6 faker - 22:23

2/6 - 7 ghostwaltz - 1:19:10

2/7 - 8 interval level1 - 2:01:46

tiger dojo 18 - 2:11:01

2/8 - 9 mydear, straydead - 2:39:38

tiger dojo 19 - 3:16:43

outro - 3:33:37


Dungeon Meshi (Benn)

Zeta Gundam

It's A Detached Relationship

Yuri Is My Job

How Do We Relationship

This episode carries content warnings for discussions of death, references to sexual assault, sexism, gore/body horror, and also we say ‘bugs and piss’ a lot of times towards the end.

Featuring co-hosts Benn Ends (@bennends) and fen (@fenic_fox).

Email us at with questions, comments, and compliments.

Cover art by Benn Ends, Intro music by Benn Ends, remaining music from Fate/stay night

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