Coach Andrew Giniat: 5 Simple Steps for Overcoming a Plateau

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Are you stuck on a plateau?! Are you struggling with physical gains where you can't seem to increase your power output? Or, are you struggling with performance gains where you can't seem to place higher on the leader board?

Whichever plateau you're stuck on, this podcast episode is for you.

Coach Frank is joined by Coach Andrew to discuss the low hanging fruit you can implement in your training right away.

Coach Andrew Giniat is our newest FasCat coach. Andrew comes to us from Asheville, NC and is a criterium, cyclocross and road coach. He races for the CS Velo at the professional level on the road and the Pony Shop for cyclocross.

Plus, we have a Cyclocross Coaching Deal going on right now that gives you six months of cx coaching with Coach Andrew for the price of five months. Don’t delay because space is limited and this deal expires July 15th. Click here to sign up now:

What Coach Frank and Andrew discuss:

00:00 - Intro/announcements

9:30 - Two types of plateaus

22:00 - When your body needs rest

25:00 - Evaluating your CTL

27:00 - Are you training too much?

28:00 - Changing your stimulus

42:00 - Increasing volume

49:00 - Sleeping more

52:00 - Nutrition

55:00 - Wearables

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