Understanding God’s Financial Destiny for You

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In the "How-To" and "Identity" episode we will look at the Biblical understanding of money, wealth, and prosperity and how an adjustment of your thinking and behavior about money to God's way will lead to fulfilling your financial destiny. Dr. Patty will share scriptures that reveal that God delights in the prosperity of His people and loves to lavish blessings on His servants. He gives people the power to be wealthy when they have a pure heart motivation to bless others and not serve themselves with money. Why did God institute the tithe and how does tithing lead to multiplied blessings? Dr. Patty shares three key lies that can rob you of financial blessings and the truth that releases the bounty of heaven. How does the Biblical law of sowing and reaping work? Jesus answers that question and shows you His financial will for your life and how you can cooperate with it so you receive the financial blessings He has planned for you.

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Note: This book is not referenced in this episode, but it is a highly recommended one to address the lies that hold you back from your financial destiny. So it is recommended for anyone wanting to go deeper in this topic.

31 Reasons People Do Not Receive Their Financial Harvest by Mike Murdock (search for this book on Amazon)

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