Understanding and Operating in the Gift of Discernment

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In this "How-to" and "Identity" episode, we will dive into the Holy Spirit's mind manifestation gift of discernment. Jesus explains what this gift is and is not, so we understand why it's so important in this generation. How does this gift allow you to see past natural realities into the future of God's will? And how does knowing that change how you pray with and minister to others? Dr. Patty shares some biblical and personal stories of how this gift looks when released. How can you practically grow in your sensitivity to the spirit so you can increase your discernment? What is social proof and how can it be used as a scheme of the enemy if you are not grounded in the Truth? In order to increase your sensitivity to the Spirit, Dr. Patty shares a quick self-assessment tool that will diagnose the quieting issues that block you from sensing God. Jesus addresses your quieting issues in your experience with Him and will give you practical tips for increasing your sensitivity to His communications with you.

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