Reflecting God’s Love as Leaders in the Marketplace with Kris Castro

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In this "How to" episode, Dr. Patty welcomes Kris Castro from Begin to Shift and they discuss how to reflect God's love as leaders in the marketplace. Jesus sets the tone for this conversation by reminding us that we are the church and wherever we go we should remember to reflect God's love well. What does the marketplace include and who does God consider as leaders? To reflect God well, you must know Him intimately and Dr. Patty and Kris talk about the Holy habits that facilitate that intimacy. What is the fruit of living a life that reflects that intimacy well? They share stories of when people have reflected God's love well or missed that mark. How can you make godly decisions in an opposite culture? What can happen when you obey God's direction and love radically? Jesus leads you to a radical love challenge in the marketplace in your encounter time with Him.

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