Lessons from Key Women in the Bible with Dessa Figueroa

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Dr. Patty invites Pastor and Author of Deborah Needed in the Church Today; Empowering Women for All Levels of Leadership to discuss lessons from key women in the Bible. She shares her own story of being taught that women do not have a role in leading in the church and how the Lord called her to leadership in spite of that belief system. She shares some of the lessons that the Lord taught her in that journey and how God created both men and women in His image to be different but complementary. She describes the cultural differences between the genders and how God created us to be like two legs, that can run when both perspectives are honored. Dr. Patty and Dessa talk about several Biblical women in addition to Deborah that teach us how women lead differently than men, but still with great effect. Then they shift to other women in the bible that teach heart lessons based upon their life stories and we can see how God uses them to advance His kingdom purposes uniquely as women of great devotion. Jesus shares His heart on the subject and then has a different discussion with men and women about how to embrace the truth and run in cooperation as two legs toward the plans God has for them in the Experience Jesus encounter time.

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Deborah Needed in the Church Today book by Dessa Figueroa https://www.amazon.com/dp/168526042X/ref=cm_sw_r_apa_i_FMKBQZFN2CRM02VNQEP9_0

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