How to Make Godly Life Decisions

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In this "How-To" episode, we will look at how to make decisions that are aligned with God's perfect will using a model called The Leader's Paradigm, or as I like to refer to it as; the Six Pillars of Decision Making by Dr. Mark Virkler. We will dive into each of these six ways God gives direction in detail: 1. Illumined Scripture, 2. Illumined thoughts, 3. Illumined witness in your heart, 4. Illumined counsel by others, 5. Illumined understanding of life experiences and 6. Illumined revelation from dreams, visions, dialogue journaling, and prophecy. Each pillar is grounded in a scripture reference and Dr. Patty shares stories and tips about how to connect with God in each one. She shares a story of what it looks like to make a decision when all of the six pillars line up. Jesus shows you what you need to do to align with a decision you are wrestling with in your encountering exercise.

Links referenced in this episode:

The Leader's Paradigm Model by Dr. Mark Virkler

Christian Leadership University

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