How to Biblically Interpret Your Dreams

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In the "How-to" episode, you will learn the basics of how God speaks through your dreams and how you can interpret what He is saying through them. Dr. Patty shares tips and answers common questions like: How can you increase your ability to remember your dreams? Why should you care about your dreams? Why does God speak through your dreams and what are the basic Biblical dream interpretation principles and steps. Dr. Patty simplifies and demystifies the interpretation of symbols in your dreams and shares several examples of working out the process of interpretation using her own dreams. Jesus shares some insights about why He wants to speak to you through dreams and answers questions about your own reoccurring dream in your encountering time with Him. Practice what you learned tonight and receive a dream from the Lord and allow Him to help you understand it in the morning!

Links referenced in this episode:

Dream Dreams by Dr. Steve and Dianne Bydeley (search this book title on Amazon)

Hearing God Through Your Dreams by Dr. Charity Virkler Kayembe, and Dr.Mark Virkler (search this title on Amazon)

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