God Speaks through Art with Martina Keast

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In this special "How-To" episode, Dr. Patty and Spirit Life Circle member, Martina Keast have a wonderful discussion about how God speaks through creative avenues. Martina shares how she ministers God's healing through art. Listening and looking at what God shows you through pictures and asking Him questions about their meanings can lead to deep inner healing. Martina shares her story of how God healed her through art and another story of someone she ministered to that had a wonderful result. Dr. Patty shares the story of how God recently added an art room to her special place and gives her prophetic things to paint in the spirit with God and then paints them in the natural world. She shares what Jesus had to say about how art can heal and why He communicates through creative methods. Martina emphasizes that you do not need to be a good artist for God to heal you through art. Jesus takes you on an artistic adventure in your experience encounter.

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