God or the Big Bang, Some Answers in Creation: Addressing the Skeptic’s Conundrums Part 3

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This episode is part of a three-part series inspired by questions posed by a sincere skeptic wrestling with what he describes as three major conundrums about God and Christianity. This episode will tackle some key questions about creation and God as the Creator. Is there an intelligent designer behind the creation? What are the universal laws of logic and how can you prove or disprove the existence of the Creator? Why would God create all of this for us? Dr. Patty clarifies the relationship between science and God and shows how God reveals His nature, character, and order revealing His fingerprint in His creation. She shares what scientists have discovered that is consistent with biblical truth and stands up to the three laws of evidential logic related to evidence found in creation. Why does it take more faith to be an Athiest than a Christian? Jesus shares the answer to the question of why He created all of this for us, challenges you to ask Him absolutely anything, and especially promises to share the truth that will set you free in the Experience Jesus encounter.

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