Encountering God in His Creation

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In this "Identity" episode you will learn about the incredible Creator and how His Omni-truths are revealed in creation. What is the unique signature of God in Creation? How does His order and patterns reveal His fingerprint? Dr. Patty shows how each of the Omni-Truth of God's Omnibenevolence, Omniscience, Omnipresence, and Omnipotence show up in scripture and in creation. What can we learn about God from quantum physics principles? Dr. Patty shares some encounters where the Lord showed her a simple way to understand these complex concepts. And Jesus takes you on an adventure to help you understand why He created all that you can see and more importantly, why He created you.

Links referenced in this episode:

Fibonacci Sequence: The Fingerprint of God https://youtu.be/fX8gy9EWZ_Y

Brian Greene The Elegant Universe http://www.briangreene.org/the-elegant-universe/

Quantum Glory by Phil Mason https://www.philmason.org/quantum-glory/

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