Threshold Concepts with Dr Fiona Chambers, Dr David Aldous and Dr Anna Bryant

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For this episode we welcome three special guests to our podcast! Dr Fiona Chambers is the head of the School of Education at University College Cork, and she has co-authored a book with our very own Dr Anna Bryant and Dr David Aldous. The book, entitled Threshold Concepts in Physical Education covers an enormous amount of fascinating ground, and isn't just for PE specialists. With curriculum design a hot topic, and many of us revisiting some of our most fundamental assumptions about our subject disciplines, this book is a timely addition to anyone's reading list.

In the course of our discussion, Fiona, Anna and David explain what threshold concepts are, and what we mean by a design thinking approach. The book itself outlines a collaboration between the three authors and a number of school practitioners.

Finally, with three guests, we've got a bumper crop of wellbeing tips, interesting things and ideas to try!

The book is Chambers, F. C, Aldous, D. & Bryant, A. (2020) Threshold Concepts in Physical Education: A Design Thinking Approach. London: Routledge.


Recorded remotely on 18th January 2021

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