#322 - Sports attorney Len Simon joins the show

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On this special episode of the Duke Basketball Report Podcast, we talk to Len Simon, a Duke alumnus and attorney who has worked on a variety of legal cases around the business of sports. He has been involved in various capacities at Duke advising the administration on legal issues, and he brings a lot of experience in both professional and college sports to the conversation.

WIth Len, we talk through all kinds of issues, including the questions about name, image, and likeness, that are currently hovering over the NCAA. The latest inflection point is the Alston case, in which the Supreme Court this week ruled unanimously against the NCAA limiting benefits to student-athletes for educational expenses. Len also walks us through California's name, image, and likeness legislation, and he has a great explanation for the complexities still remaining as the NCAA and athletic departments around the country adjust to the changing winds of athlete empowerment.

After the break, we react to Len, and we're all at least in agreement that he should be back again soon on the show. Stay in touch with the podcast at dbrpodcast at gmail.com, and we will talk to you again real soon.

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