What My Genetics Say About Histamine, Methylation & Inflammation with Dr. Yael Joffe

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Dr. Yael Joffe is joining us once again to take another look at our genetics. This time, she’ll be looking into my genetic report to demonstrate how 3x4 is taking the lead in healthcare when it comes to understanding every patient's unique compositions and health needs. She explains the relevance of the color codings in the genetic report and how they translate to our hormonal levels, nutrient deficiencies, and any dysfunction that could be happening internally. If you are a practitioner, learn how genetic testing can become your ally in providing the best treatment for your patients. And if you are a patient, learn how genetic testing can help you gain a better understanding of your body’s unique needs to achieve optimal health.

Every single cell in your body has DNA. Every nanosecond of the day, the DNA in your cells are being damaged by toxins in the environment. The body's job is to repair that DNA continuously.

-Dr. Yael Joffe

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In This Episode:

- Understand how blood works are different from getting a genetics report and which is more advantageous

- 3 fundamental things that make genetic reporting different from other medical reports

- Find out why the pathway page is the most important part of your genetic report

- Deep dive into the process of Methylation within the context of DNA health

- The beginning of significant dysfunction like neurological disorders, miscarriages, etc., usually starts at this level…

- If there’s one thing we need to make sure of, it’s that the methylation process is optimized. Here’s why…

- These 3 pathways are designed to talk to each other. Understand what happens when they are put together


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- The Power of Genetics

- 3x4 Genetics Testing on Dr. Jockers website

- Episode #232 – DNA Based Nutrition & Lifestyle Strategies with Dr. Yael Joffe

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