69. HOW To Anchor In Your Body: Experience Safety, Connection & Growth (Introduction to Polyvagal Theory)

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Did you know there is a place in your body specifically designed for you to experience safety, connection, empathy, curiosity, compassion, health, growth, and restoration?!
We are back in SEASON 5 and laser focused on Critical Thinking To Promote Well-Being.
Are you looking for a podcast about human nature, communication skill-building, and spirituality?
Than this podcast is for you!
You save time & energy with this educational podcast designed to help us better understand human nature, build up our communication skills, and ground ourselves spiritually.
You are biologically wired with the need to FEEL SAFE AND CONNECTED.
Befriending your nervous system helps you meet your basic human need for safety and connection. It is essential to your well-being!
This episode introduces HOW you can anchor in your body to experience safety & connection.
Imagine a world filled with humans who feel SAFE AND CONNECTED IN THEMSELVES AND WITH EACH OTHER – a world where everyone’s basic human needs for safety, belonging, and dignity are met and we have the opportunity to self-actualize and where groups of people communally actualize. I want to live in that world! Let's co-create it.

“Polyvagal Theory is the science of feeling safe enough to fall in love with life and take the risks of living . We are wired for connection . Our nervous systems are social structures that find balance and stability in relationship with others . Think about that for a moment . Our biology shapes the way we navigate living , loving , and working . And we now have a way to use this understanding in service of individual , family , community , and global well - being . This “ way ” is called Polyvagal Theory .”- DEB DANA
Joined by: Cara Johnson

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