Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast: The Power of Sharing Struggles - With LEO Christopher Littrell

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Hello everyone and welcome back to The Criminal Justice Evolution Podcast. Thank you for listening. If you are a long-time listener welcome back. If you are a new listener, welcome. I know you will love the show. Please head over to Apple Podcasts and give us that 5-Star Rating and Review.

Special thanks to YOU. Thank you for what you do every day. Please remember you are honored, cherished, and loved. Keep up the good work and be safe.

It’s a new year. If you are suffering this is your year. It’s time to reach out and get the help you need and deserve. Reach out to FHE Health and Shatterproof for first responders. They helped me and I know they can help you. Reach out at 844-650-1399 or 303-960-9819.

There is so much power in first responders telling their stories of challenges they have faced and more importantly how they overcame and are forging ahead.

My next guest is Christopher Littrell. Chris is a Full Time LEO with an agency in Washington State and is also a podcaster. I was honored to be on show recently - Gravity Podcast - Two Feet on The Ground. Chris is also a columnist for Police1 and recently wrote an article about yours truly. Chris also helps LEO's everywhere with his consulting and training services - Gravity Consulting & Training, LLC.

In this episode Chris and I talk about the challenges in law enforcement, his challenges and solid advice for law enforcement officers everywhere.

You can find Chris here:

Stay tuned for more great shows!


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