EP157: White Coat Syndrome, Pap Smear Fear, and Ferris Wheel Fright

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This week, Jeni and Nicole are reflecting on how time flies and how hard it is to keep up! They suggest taking a trip into the country as a great way to slow things down for a little while. As the seasons change, Jeni's switching her closet over, and Nicole commits to clearing out hers by selling five things a week (Check out @coconuts___closet on Instagram!). They also discuss their irrational fears, like white coat hypertension, Pap smear fear, and for Jeni, getting on a Ferris wheel. She explains her Mission Impossible-esque strategy for making it out alive if she's ever on one when disaster strikes. We'd love to hear your irrational fears, too, so let us know! Thanks so much for joining in on our mother and daughter show!! We appreciate you!

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