S1 | EP 29 | Digital Technology Services Accelerating Healthcare w/ Adam Tallinger

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As technology advances, it is crucial that healthcare facilities implement the latest tools and technologies that improve processes and patient outcomes.
In this week’s episode of Clean Talk podcast, Adam Tallinger, Vice President, Provider Solutions at Divurgent, joins us to reveal the solutions his company provides to improve healthcare overall. Tune in to hear about a range of topics including:
• Adam’s background and what brought him to Divurgent
• The services Divurgent offers for Healthcare
• How they set themselves apart in the consulting world
• What led to him to publish a whitepaper around Divurgent’s technology
• In the wake of this great resignation, how Divurgent improves the healthcare talent-seeking and business development process
• Challenges brought on by COVID-19
• The value of innovation in digital health
• Tobius the Ai chat bot
• Long term growth strategy of Divurgent
As a highly experienced licensed pharmacist with over twenty-eight years of experience in electronic health record implementation, IT management, program and operational leadership, informatics, and healthcare operations, Adam brings a wholistic view blending the needs of our clients, their affiliated providers, and the patients they serve. In his role at Divurgent, Adam serves as a client executive, manager to consulting services, partners with sales in new pursuits, and assists in new service development. His specific industry experience includes enterprise, inpatient, and pharmacy systems implementation, project management, system design and development, operational change management, culture shaping, leadership advising and coaching, documentation development, end-user training, and application support.
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