Dr Campbell Costello - The crises plaguing the Australian veterinary industry

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Warning: This episode discusses suicide and may be triggering for some people, so it may be best to listen in the company of support.

Veterinarian’s are one of the most loved professionals in Australia – they’re the superhumans who keep our best mates and fur babies healthy, and step up to save them if the unbearable occurs.

So, why is it that veterinarians have almost four times the suicide rate of the Australian population? This equates to a veterinarian taking their own life on average every 12 weeks in Australia.

In this episode, Dr Campbell Costello, who you’ll remember from last week’s episode, discusses his perspective on the retention, renumeration, and mental health crises plaguing the Australian veterinary industry.

Make sure you stick around as Cozy also shares insights into the major biosecurity threats Australia is currently facing, and why we needs our vets now more than ever.

If you are experiencing depression or are suicidal, or know someone who is, help is available.

Please help spread this message to help others understand help is just a phone call or text away and they are not alone.


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