#10394 Weird Questions - Jimmy Akin

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Questions Covered: 05:39 – I love these episodes! I’ve got a question for you – if humanity ever encounters another intelligent species in outer space (or the inner earth or whatnot), would someone from said species be potentially eligible to be elected Pope (assuming they met the other qualifications), or is that office explicitly limited to humans? 10:55 – What are your thoughts on the Omicron Variant? 18:02 – My ten-year-old brother would like to know if it’s possible that Bigfoot could be an alien 24:42 – If you had conjoined male twins, could one get ordained and the other married? Does the extent of conjunction affect the answer? 31:54 – I know that it is fine for Catholics to believe in evolution, and I do. But recently, I have read some academics who argue that human morality is a product of evolution. That is, people who acted in anti-social ways were ostracized by society and more likely to die, and therefore people having our current moral orientation evolved through natural selection. Can this view be reconciled with Catholic understanding, or is it in opposition? 41:11 – What evidence is there for ball lightning? I saw it roughly 20 years ago and was fascinated. But at that time there were no pictures or good theories. 46:22 – IF parents and Godparents can present a newborn child for Baptism…could someone, say a son, ask a priest to forgive the sins of their mother, or father, who are essentially, due to the advanced nature of Alzheimer’s babies? …

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