Learn About NFT's And The Metaverse | NFT's For Dummies Explained | What is an NFT and how do they work?

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In this Episode we have the pleasure of having Byron Grealy on the show. We start off simple by taking a look at exactly what digital currencies are and how they work on the blockchain. We talk about decentralized systems and the pros and cons of a blockchain system. Byron explains hardware wallets,fiat currencies and exactly what Bitcoin is. We discuss how safe cryptocurrencies are and go into detail of how to buy bitcoin. We touch on using cryptocurrencies cards and the difference between bitcoin and ethereum. We dive into the process of mining Bitcoin and debate wheather cryptocurrencies are sustainable or not.


0:00 - Intro

2:06 - What is an NFT

4:23 - How do digital assets have value

6:39 - Fiat Currency

7:58 - Royalties

11:20 - What can be a nft?

15:00 - Are NFT’s a good investment

17:24 - NFT’s in Education

22:00 - How to integrate a course as an NFT

27:00 - Burning NFTs

32:00 - The Metaverse

34:50 - The scale of the metaverse

37:25 - Flexing in the metaverse

41:20 - The risks involved in NFT’s

43:53 - Where does someone go to buy an NFT

45:45 - The responsibility of the NFT community

48:52 - NFTs in a commercial Context

51:16 - Can you link existing real life art to digital art?

54:30 - How dollars end up as an NFT

59:50 - The banking system and NFTs

1:01:00 - Certifications and Real Estate and NFTs

1:07:46 - The impact of NFTs in the future

1:12:12 - Outro NFT's For Dummies Explained

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