#11: Alastair Reid – Meeting Developers Where They Are

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Alastair Reid describes Google's efforts to bring formal methods to developers so that they can be useful today. We cover a recent publication describing their approach, Alastair's project to document all of the papers he read for a year, and a prototype tool that they've been building to demonstrate formal verification tools in rust.

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Joey Dodds: https://galois.com/team/joey-dodds/

Shpat Morina: https://galois.com/team/shpat-morina/

Alastair Reid's paper project: https://alastairreid.github.io/RelatedWork/papers/

Rust verification tools: https://github.com/project-oak/rust-verification-tools

Meeting Developers Where They Are paper: https://arxiv.org/abs/2010.16345

Galois, Inc.: https://galois.com/

Contact us: podcast@galois.com

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