520: #LuLaRich: What LuLaRich Did Right

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This week we start a 3-part podcast series in response to the Amazon Prime docu-series LuLaRich. As a boutique consultant who has worked with former LLR consultants, I'm going to break down from a business perspective what LuLaRoe did right as a company, what they did wrong, and how it impacted the boutique industry. This episode talks about everything that I feel LuLaRoe did right as a business. **Disclaimer: Emily Benson was not a LuLaRoe consultant or affiliated with LuLaRoe. Opinions expressed in this podcast are solely her own based on her experience in the retail industry and as a boutique owner herself** 2022 Boutique Calendar is now available: www.boutiquecalendar.com Tickets for the 2022 Rich Retailer Retreat are available!www.richretailerretreat.com Join the free Facebook group: www.emilyfbgroup.com Six Figure Boutique Blueprint: www.sixfigureboutiqueblueprint.com

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