Episode 144: The BSA's of "28 Days" (2000)

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This week we’re checking in with the all star ensemble cast of 2000’s rehab dramedy “28 Days.” Don’t be fooled by the terrible poster, Sandra Bullock is at her best as reluctant in recovery Gwen, with Best Supporting Elizabeth Perkins as her conflicted older sister, not nearly enough Diane Ladd or Marianne Jean-Baptiste, a refreshingly real side of Steve Buscemi, the dreamy Viggo Mortensen, and Margo Martindale making her usual magic in a featured ensemble role. We also make time for an “Alice” tangent, some “Gravity” love, future episode planning (Ladd alert!), multiple “Erin Brockovich” asides, movies to microdose to, some spicy and controversial condiments, and a best supporting addition to the family! Join us for SEASON 1 OF "SMASH" and get early access to main episodes on Patreon: www.patreon.com/bsapod Email: thebsapod@gmail.com Instagram: @bsapod Colin Drucker Instagram: @colindrucker_ Nick Kochanov Twitter: @nickkochanov Instagram: @nickkochanov

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