R.I.P Zeus This songs for you.

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I was sitting here sad, cause my Bearded Dragon of 18 years passed away this morning.. Thinking about my little travel buddies, use too be 3 dragons. Some 3 years ago before a miracle happened in my life an "Epiphany" Yes, I was homeless and saving for a car. "Was not my first visit with the wilds of the streets! Fortunately all 3 of my dragons lived with me in my car at the end of the journey. They never had to experience the bitter cold of winter outside. Saved enough to buy a Saturn, lol. I've so many more things to share, stories and adventures. I hope you hang on for the rest.
R.I.P my Zeusie

Please work with no gaps

Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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