"Respect to the tech, I'm lighting it up! lol

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Totally new sound board, I've never used one in my life, lol. I wanted to share a little segment, because even the out takes are important to me and I love to share. I'm truly looking into a FB page...….don't know, mulling it over and FB is kinda annoying right now.
I'm tinkering with a couple new ideas, actually drawing up old spirits from my cassette days when I was using every accent in the world plus comic voices, on demand!
Totally keeping in mind the political correctness world we live in...….and maintaining a professional platform of ADULT entertainment and stories. I grew up multi cultural for a good lot of time as a kid in Toronto, Ontario.
All those good child friends of different ethnicities rubbed off on me I guess, lol. If I do use any voices while I'm randomly going on, it is with utmost respect and honour that I do. I'm a pacifist and cultured individual....without a bone of racism in me, we are all one family now facing many challenges. One of the basis of creating my podcast was to reach out to the world and maybe motivate a couple million smiles, laughs or heal with a good cry!
I'm DannyB and I'm absolutely grateful for all the people out there that is helping a decades old dream come true.
Be safe, stay healthy and if your not enjoying life......."Your doing it wrong!!!

Please work with no gaps

Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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