How highs the water Mama and I'm not going to run for mayor, maybe?

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Open discussion with my self, lol....n you. Go on lightly about the city I live and the potential it has and a SONG!!! If I was rich Id turn this city into the PEARL of Vancouver Island, warehouse distribution giant, tourism galore and a new ferry right outside our city and oh yaaaaa, a highway running around the city to accommodate commercial and public traffic. The ones who wish to come through Duncan can and will anyway. Cut down on extreme traffic headaches and free up a lot of the pollution caught in our valley because there is a whole hella lot of idling vehicle's here during traffic snarl. Basically 80% just want to get through Duncan ASAP. The ripple from such a adventurous infrastructure advancement, will have the world at our doorsteps looking to invest in the Cowichan Valley...not to mention the tech you could bring to this city. The income generated will have this city on the track of WORLD CLASS and the citizens would also benefit greatly..."But nooooooooo! Win, Win, jobs, careers investment, decades of ripple financial win falls. "WTF? as the advancement hindering city council votes against a highway....DUMB! Anyhow, I'm not running for mayor...."Yet, maybe???
Yes, "How high is the water Mama?
I'm Danny B wishing you a safe and healthy journey moving forward, thank for your support and patients whilst this amateur makes his way to pro league. "I'm coming, I feeel the fire in my soul!

Please work with no gaps

Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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