Crawling through the Jungle, of life!

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This podcast I touch on life in general, dropped a couple of quick tunes, a project I worked on with my youngest son, once, twice or three times, lol, created a couple freestyle beats. I have always tried to be the friend and dad, very interactive and positive influence. Ive crawled a long way, to learn how to stand! The person I have become is no longer stuck in a parallel universe, hanging on the edge....I'm soooooo freakin grateful to be alive, "You have no idea or maybe you do? A real sense of thankfulness from a heart still has hope for humanity as a whole.
I continue to share my walk in life to help those out there relate and hopefully heal.
You don't know what its like until you've walked a mile in those shoes" Please be kind and remember in a blink of an eye, roles can change.

Please work with no gaps

Fantastic intro and outro, compliments of fifth quarter, Toronto Ontario.

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